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Geroge Paul
Nov 21, 2020
2:58 AM
Peace starts with each one of us. And if we wish to build a more peaceful world, we need to learn how to control our reactivity.

Everyone experiences different triggers: for some it is the news, for others politics, or the fear of what could happen, or the demands of others, or frustration over external setbacks or events. You may simply be aware of having a hair-trigger anger or impatience, which represents your individual reactivity to triggers.

Once you recognize the triggers that get to you, you can learn to use them as opportunities for awakening more fully and disciplining your mind.

Your state of consciousness is your most valuable asset in awakening. By becoming conscious of your specific reactivity triggers, you can use those triggers to awaken more fully instead of feeding the ego with reactivity. You can use every triggering situation as part of your spiritual practice to move deeper into Truth.
Eleanora Nikolaus
Nov 21, 2020
4:32 AM
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