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Locust Grove Baptist Church
Historical Highlights
Taken from the Official Minutes dating from 1842


December 21, 1842 "In compliance with our request, we were constituted a Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ in Green Township, Columbiana County, Ohio" (There were 16 charter members)
1847 Two acres on which the church and cemetery are located today were purchased for $40.
March 14, 1909 Ford light system ordered and installed.
May 30, 1909 Pipe hitching rails erected.
June 18, 1909 First Social held on church property. (There was great discussion about this.  Finally it was decided that Socials could be held but only if they were of "reputable nature.")
July 26, 1913 Voted to build a board fence on 2 sides of the cemetery
November 1, 1932 Tenure of Rev. Greer began. (Longest tenured pastor of LGBC prior to Pastor Noble)
December 31, 1932 Coal house and hitching rails taken down.
June 27, 1937 Church moved back from the road 25 feet; a basement was put under the building; replastered; seating changed to a center aisle with a single door entrance. (This did away with the separate men's and women's entrances, and gender separation during services)
April 10, 1949 Rev Greer closed his pastorate.  Pastor Bob, our present pastor, was three days old.  His record tenure stood for almost 60 years. Our present pastor, Pastor Bob Noble has served the congregation now for 31 years... and counting.
July 6, 1952 Grace & Bob Noble (Pastor's parents) received into membership.
October 24, 1954 The new building addition dedicated.  Fourteen new pews, choir loft with risers, nursery, kitchen, restrooms, East Chapel, and pastor' study.  The church voted to hang a painting of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane on the south wall of the baptistery.  It was painted by member John (Jack) Marshall.  It was stipulated that it would hand there until they could get another painting.  (It's still there today!)
1988-89 Project to add a steeple to the church. (Dedicated, Summer of 1990)
August 19, 1990 Pastor Bob Noble preached at LG as a "fill-in" pastor...he's still filling in.
1992 LGBC celebrated its 150th Anniversary

Decade of the'90's

Changed virtually every aspect of the building and grounds. New roof, siding, sidewalks, steps, rails, planted young Locust trees, purchased additional acreage, added air conditioning, excavated the back of the church, added parking, built storage buildings, new play equipment, built a picnic pavilion, added handicapped accessibility, added a new nursery, and all lighting was replaced in the sanctuary, donated by the Sheely family in memory of Lucille McCoy.
2002 Began the annual KIDFEST celebrations
2007 Instituted Family Sunday School
2011 The launch of our web site.
 2020  The COVID-19 Pandemic affected every aspect of life.  Our church, although limited at times, never closed.  In fact, the pandemic expanded the outreach of the church as we added an FM broadcast of the services that could be heard in the parking lot, live streaming on Facebook Live, and Zoom meetings.
Today  These are "fun" facts, but they do not begin to tell of the thousands of lives that have been touched, souls saved, ministries launched, missions supported over the past 180 years.  By God's Grace we shall continue to proclaim the gospel through every avenue available to us, until He comes.